About Morgan Walsh


The Morgan Walsh Consultancy was established in March 2006 by Gary Howell.

The company is as much about the founder as it is the company itself. Let the story begin…

Gary’s background is in electronic engineering. His interest in computers led him to set up a ‘computer dealership’ in the late 1980’s where he put together computer accountancy systems for welsh businesses. In those days, the top model PC ran at a snails pace with virtually no memory at a cost of £3000. Today, speed is 1,000 greater with 30,000 times memory, but at only 10% of the cost. How things have changed!

Gary’s programming skills led him to the global merchant banks in London and New York during the 1990’s, a career he held for over 10 years, working with some of the biggest names in the world.

Ironically, after 9/11, Gary planned a few years out of IT to fulfil his goal of become an airline pilot and flew the ATR42 for Air Wales for a number of years. He was also their acting IT manager and assisted in installing the airlines’ on-line booking system.

Having satisfied his flying needs, he returned to his home county of Pembrokeshire to set up Morgan Walsh, which has been running profitably since its inception.

When setting up Morgan Walsh, Gary noticed three important things about the current IT (or ICT) market:

  1. Companies, especially small ones, were still struggling to cope with IT issues; perhaps not much had changed in 20 years.
  2. IT companies were still baffling their customers with technology and terminology. (see point 1).
  3. Most IT companies wanted to be all things to all people.


The old ‘job for life’ company philosophy is dead. In the global economy, large corporations can simply not afford to carry employees for years. Many of the successful companies are outsourcing work to specialist companies but soon, the specialist companies will be outsourcing to individual specialist for the length of a contract only. This is the beginning of the so called ‘networked’ economy.

There are a good number of great IT professionals in the UK running their own specialist companies, perhaps having worked in the corporate environment; many self-made. This means there is much talent out there to be harnessed.

Given this business landscape, Morgan Walsh intends to remain small (in terms of permanent staff). We provide services to clients from our extensive in house skill set  if possible, otherwise we bring in other specialist IT professionals with the right skills for a particular job. A brave move perhaps, but our clients:

  • Get the best team available for their project
  • Save money by not having to pay our overheads
  • Have a single point of contact and responsibility via Morgan Walsh

The Future

People have traditionally felt safe with long established, large IT companies providing the service they have always done. Their days are numbered. It’s not reassuring that global competition, increasing overheads and government red tape is seriously denting the ability of these IT companies to operate in the long term.

Morgan Walsh strongly believes that small and nimble is the way forward. Small means better value for customers and nimble means we can rapidly adjust to a changing global business landscape while consistently providing a great level of service to our clients.

In Morgan Walsh, Gary has created an honest technology consultancy that he believes delivers business benefits to clients in a way they can relate to and embrace. Costs are minimised due to our low overheads, but service levels are maintained, indeed exceeded, by Gary’s extensive experience and engaging with other specialists as required.

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